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Welcome to Motorcycle Performance, in business at the same location for over 35 years.
We repair motorcycles, design and fabricate parts, do custom painting, build land-speed racers, and of course we are glad to do regular maintenance on your bike.

Mon-Fri 9-6
Saturday 9-12

We have a large selection of tires including:
Metzeler, Dunlop, Michelin, Bridgestone, Pirelli, Continental, Kenda, and Shinko

Read our Tech Tip on prepping the bike for hibernation.

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Bikes Added:

HD XL1200L

2008 Harley Davidson

Fuel injected, excellent value



HD XL1200 C

2004 Harley Davidson

15k miles, mild custom, very nice!



HD Road King

2002 Harley Davidson
FHRCI Road King

Fuel injected, factory bags



Honda CBR500R

2014 Honda

147 miles
(not verified) affordable sportbike - like new!




Bonneville Blog Updated

We had a bit of a backlog, but here we are!
News from Valdosta trials and tribulations, connecting with some fantastic individuals and making some progress.

Well, you know I keep thinking if I don't say it, it won't happen.  Even after nearly 45 years of doing it though, it still happens.....

Unfortunately winter and street riding are a difficult combination at best.  I have a few customers that ride nearly year-round and I can only shake my head in wonder.  I did that for two years many years ago, and mainly during the first year due to curiosity (I am a dirt racer, I should be able to handle this, right?) and the second year financial incentives (broke car, broke me). After couple of trips to the ground, with everything going just fine and then wham! I decided that the future was somewhat limited in this endeavor.  That is when I discovered winter storage. 

We have offered winter storage here at Motorcycle Performance for 36 years and we have gotten pretty good a it, too. For rates starting at $49.95 per month (larger/touring bikes slightly more) we stabilize the gas, drain the carburetors (if accessible and applicable), charge the battery and check the fluids and pressures before retiring the beast for the winter.  We generally recommend an oil and filter change at this time, in order to be ready for spring.  Winter work can be scheduled and often storage is blended into the process. 

All bikes are kept on site, so space is limited and often nearly used up by our return customer base. So call or e-mail now to reserve your spot.  Spaces are filling up now. 

Thank you,

Bill W.
P.S.  Ice racing is crazy too!

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Bonneville 2014 2015 Fundraising

Bonneville Fundraising

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The "Your Name Here" program is a grass-roots fundraiser that, if successful, would allow us to bypass the conventional big-sponsor process. This is an opportunity for an enthusiast to participate in what I feel is a unique program that has already shown substantial results. In order to make possible the goals we have set for 2014, we need financial help to get there. There is not necessarily an absolute guarantee of our expected performance (remember the soggy salt flats of 2011...) but you have the assurance of our best efforts to get there and make it happen.

Bonneville Fundraising
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Recent Updates

Newly Added:
2002 HD Road King
2004 HD XL-1200C
2008 HD XL-1200L

2014 Honda CBR-500R

Bonneville Blog Updated!

1996 Yamaha XV-535

Winter Storage

Newly Added:
2005 Honda CH-80

Bonneville Blog Updated once more

Bonneville Blog Updated!

1971 BMW R60/5

2004 BMW R-1150R





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